Abandoned German gun emplacement on the Danish island of Fanø. Photo by the editor with tweaking by Caroline Montonatti

Welcome to the Octave Plus issue of The Copenhagen Review. Our readers may be grateful that we allow each issue to remain for some time, so that they are free to return, absorb and be inspired by our contributors. All back issues are available at the top of this page by means of a simple click.

In this issue, we continue a broadening process by bringing the poems of another Italian poet, Tiziano Broggiato, translated into Danish by Eva Botofte. A single poem has been translated into English by the editor. Irish, Medbh McGuckian has contributed three poems, for which we are most grateful. Sarah Clancy, a new discovery for us, brings her burning Irish soul in the form a single poem. The poem is so charged we thought it best to let it stand alone.

Irish/American poet Richard Halperin who lives in Paris, also contributes a trio of poems. From faraway Canada, philosopher-poet Jan Zwicky has graciously provided us with three poems from her latest collection.

Karsten Sand Iversen was kind enough to allow us to print his thoughts on Nelly Sachs and Paul Celan. The piece was first published in Danish and now is available to English-speaking readers.

Italian born Eugenio Barba has lead Denmark's internationally renowned Odin Theater for many years. We bring, in English, his thoughts about Odin Theater's latest production, The Tree.

Christopher Sand-Iversen also contributes with both a short story and a review. His efforts may be felt in many places in this new issue.

And from the island of Fanø, Sigmund Doksum sends us two pieces in Norwegian.

There may be some additional surprises, so check back from time to time.

-- Gordon Walmsley, editor

Medbh McGuckian



Sarah Clancy



George Orwell

A review of The Complete Poetry


Eugenio Barba

On the writing of The Tree. In Italian and English


Tiziano Broggiato

Poems in Italian, Danish and English


Ultima Thule, Henrik Saxgren

Photo book review


Richard W. Halperin

Poems in English


Jan Zwicky

Poems in English


A Meridian of Suffering and Solace

Karsten Sand Iversen on the correspondence of Nelly Sachs and Paul Celan


Sigmund Doksum

'Fødselsdager', og 'Ville dyr': texts in Norwegian


The Free State of Palo Alto

Short fiction, Chistopher Sand Iversen


Gordon Walmsley

Poem in August