Henrik Steffens
The University (First Talk) (English)
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Steffens Meets Novalis (From Was Ich Erlebte) (German)

Steffens Meets Fichte (From Was Ich Erlebte) (German)

Coleridge and Steffens
(English and German)

Hymns To The Night
(First Part) (English)
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Jon Eirik Lundberg (Poem)

Medbh McGuckian
(Three New Poems)

Lene Henningsen (Poem) and Birgitte Thorlacius (Etching)

-> Dansk / English

Relections on Poetry and Music. Based on a talk with the pianist Leif Ove Andsnes in English and danish

-> Dansk / English

1024 X 768 [minimum]

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