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The Copenhagen Review likes to support small bookshops. We have no arrangement with the big internet book distributors.

In the United States

Daisy can be ordered in the U.S. through Faulkner House Books, a marvelous bookstore in New Orleans, located next to the Saint Louis Cathedral on Pirate's Alley.
If you would like to order the book, please call (504) 524-2940. Have your credit card handy.

In Denmark

Daisy can be purchased in Denmark at the following bookstores:

Foreningen Møllegades Boghandel
Møllegade 8A
2200 København N
29 90 48 86

Nørrebro Boghandel
Nørrebrogade 7
2200 København N

Underwood Ink
Ryesgade 30A
2200 København
35 35 55 53

Direct From The Publisher

Although we encourage you to purchase Daisy through one of the above bookstores, it is also possible to order directly from us. The price is $35 plus postage (United States and Canada) and 30 Euro plus postage (Europe).

The first edition of Daisy is printed in 500 copies.
Orders can be processed here: