Welcome to the fifth issue of the Copenhagen Review.

We would like to thank our favorite writers and translators for their contributions, Medbh McGuckian, Herta Müller, Henriette Houth, Birgitta Lillpers, Ĝystein Wingaard Wolf, Gittan Sarah Pedersen, Ilija Trojanow, Jan-Mike Singer, Arne Rautenberg, Viggo Madsen.

As something new, we bring excerpts from two novels in progress, by Christopher Sand-Iversen, who recounts a Welsh adventure and Jane Stubbs who brings us a whiff of her New Orleans world.

We have had immense help from our distinguished friends. A special thanks to Karsten Sand Iversen who has been so generous throughout this whole endeavor, he has contributed with both translations and his own observations. Also thanks to Ernst Wichner who was kind enough to translate a poem of the Rumanian Gheorghe Ursu into German and to Carmen Firan who, with Alexandra Carides, translated Ursu into English for us.

So this issue is an entirely literary issue, no music, no videos. Words. Words and the love of words truly fashioned.

And readers might pause briefly, and think good thoughts about Elena Shvarts, who passed away in March and whose work we both recommend and present with gratitude for what she has brought.

The Editor